Consulting Services   

Dentistry can be a rewarding journey for you, your staff and your patients.

Each dental office and its team are unique. However, the challenges faced daily are experienced by most offices. Your vision (where you want your practice to go) is the guiding force in developing your business. Here are 5 KEYS:

Leadership: You lay the foundation.  You create your Practice Vision. Your staff will follow your lead.

Communication:  A successful practice is built on all forms of communication – not only from the doctor and the staff, but also the appearance of the office and more.  Verbal communication, as well as body language, behavior, and clothing, can affect both patients and staff.

Value Based Dentistry:  You and your staff must nurture and educate your patients about the impact of dentistry in their overall health; establish and maintain a successful recare system; schedule for production; create value for your superior standard of care.

Team Building:  Learn how to attract and retain staff; train them to be the best; delegate responsibility; engage staff in case presentation; create job descriptions; learn about personality styles and their impact on your team; have your staff share your Practice Vision.

Business Systems:  Improve accounts receivable management and monitoring; establish patient financial guidelines; track insurance claims; establish effective accounting systems for accounts payable, payroll, and more.

Consulting services are customized to fit the needs of each office for future growth. From experience, Kathy understands the frustrations felt by business and clinical staff. Your dental office can expect a higher level of patient care and attention to detail throughout this growth process. In-office seminars are individualized for you.

Call to schedule a one hour complimentary phone consultation to discuss a customized plan for future growth for you and your practice.

Below are some, but not all, consulting services that your dental practice needs to fine-tune your strengths and perfect the areas of needed growth.

Focus on the "whole" team to achieve your Practice Vision.  Kathy Asted has a philosophy of bringing education and enthusiasm for the business of dentistry to offices and teams while overall improving practice success.