HR Services

Staff is a resource – a human resource.  Staff (staph) is not a disease! Is your practice “sick”? Is your practice battling a life-threatening disease or infection with certain troubling symptoms, including lethargy, inability to focus, or lack of growth?

Do you experience MRSA:  Mulishly, Resistant, Staff Attitudes?

To manage this outbreak, there is an antibiotic called the employee manual.

Laws are constantly changing.  Just this year, there have been changes in employment laws in the District of Columbia, Tennessee, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, and more.

As a Human Resources (HR) Certified Consultant with Bent Ericksen & Associates (BEA), Kathy will help you create and implement an Employee Manual and Handbook that is tailored to your business. She can provide web-based Employee Manuals that are fully customizable for your practice, including your state specific and federal specific required policies.  Set clear expectations and avoid misunderstandings and unspoken rules.

Kathy is here to give you full support until your manual is customized for your practice.  She has extensive experience answering tough questions to guide you toward solutions and working with you to prevent issues.

BEA provides a suite of products:

All are accessible in a secure web-based format.

Are you compliant?  Take a few minutes and complete this Self-Assessment.  If you did not score 100% correct, Call Kathy at (612) 518-2453.

Drake P3 Assessments

Having the right people working in your dental practice is truly imperative, and Drake P3 Personality Assessments can provide enlightening information that helps you create the strongest, most effective team possible. These detailed reports help practices reduce frustrating high turnover rates and significantly bolster their chances of finding long-term employees who work well individually and as a unit – in fact, it can improve your hiring success rate to 75% when combined with the use of resumes, interviews, and references.


You surely want your employees to feel energized and always striving for new heights when engaged in their day-to-day work, and bonuses can be an excellent motivator in this scenario. BonusPro is a program that’s specifically designed for the dental world, keeping track of all the varied factors of your practice and calculating the ideal bonus for your team members in the range of your desired frequency while also ensuring a stable profit. This means greater financial success for everyone!