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About Asted Consulting Associates

Mission Statement

At Asted Consulting Associates, our mission is to provide systems, keys, and skills to manage and maintain an effective professional environment. We work “ON” your business while you work “IN” your business.

A Team That’s a
Cut Above the Rest

Kathy and Paul leading a CPR class

Kathy Asted’s consulting and management skills help you design your business systems to assure efficiency in the practice. She implements an employee manual to keep the practice compliant with local, state, and federal employment laws. Kathy helps you hire, train, and reward employees so that the right people with the right training are in the right seats on the bus. Additionally, she trains employees in interpersonal relations to reduce stress and discord in the office.

Paul Asted’s experience as an EMT and Paramedic provides a perspective necessary in training dental professionals to handle medical emergencies in the practice. Most Dentists, Hygienists, and Assistants must maintain CPR certification for their license requirements. Paul provides training in the office, often utilizing media and professional experiences to highlight the newest techniques and maintain student interest. Paul makes CPR and First Aid training simple and even enjoyable.

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