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Staff is a resource – a human resource. “Human” Resources is all about the people. It is the personnel (PEOPLE) of a business organization. Let’s make HR Easy For You!!



What is “Human Resources” (HR)? It is the personnel (PEOPLE) of a business or organization. It is the department of a business or organization that deals with the hiring, administration, and training of personnel! “Human” Resources is all about the people. Does your practice have a Human Resources Department? Human Resource Management (HRM) focuses on the function of “people” within the business, ensuring best work practices are in place at all times. Doctor, are you trained in HR? Is your Office Manager trained in HR?

HR entails recruiting an employee, and you hire them. You hire them because they have a skill. You train them (you do have a training program, correct?). You give performance reviews. You train some more. With your leadership skills, you help them realize their potential by putting them in a leadership role in the practice. Is that HR for you?

Or is this HR? Constantly talking to an employee about being late every day. Is there a lot of gossiping? Is there a lot of conflict so that you must put out fires? Are you always short staffed so you have to continuously hire? Or do you have a revolving door with people leaving all the time? Is this what HR is to you?

HR is a big responsibility. HR is both of the examples above. Sometimes we don’t have all the answers. Make sure that you have the support and a team of experts that can help you find the right answers and help you feel confident in your role in HR.

Let’s make Human Resources Easy For You! Let’s Maximize Human Potential and Minimize Liability!


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Your team is your #1 asset! Doctor, you can’t do it alone (even though some days you might want to!)

Are you finding it difficult to hire the right team members? Are you stressed because you don’t have time? And you don’t have any help! So, you are the one to place the ad, read all the resumes, and then hire a warm body to fill your open position! Do you have a revolving door with lots of turnovers?

Finding and keeping the best and brightest team members is critical to your success. Often this process is rushed. Often the need is critical, and “anyone” is hired. This leads to bad hires which costs additional time and money to find the “right” fit. It doesn’t have to be this way! There is a way to build a team of employees who are willing and able to help you meet your goals!

Hiring is so extremely important. You will want to have the utmost confidence that the candidate is not only competent to assume the tasks and duties given to them but also that they possess the skills that will help you bring your practice to the next level.

Having a proven process will take the guesswork out of hiring the best candidate. a Personality Assessment will help determine how well they will work with you and how well they are suited to the position. All too often, someone is given a position without the aptitude or tools to perform.

The hiring of all positions in the dental practice is of utmost importance. Having a cohesive team that works well together is paramount to a successful practice. Kathy has developed a comprehensive system to help you hire your next team member. 3 Tiers of Hiring lets you choose what is right for you! Using the tools provided in these Tiers can accurately predict work performance and lead to increased employee productivity and retention.

Better hiring should be a high priority for you due to the financial impact and emotional stress associated with turnover.

Kathy Asted is passionate about hiring the “right” fit for your practice. Contact Kathy at or 612-518-2453 for more information.


Setting Your People Up For Success

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Laws are constantly changing. As a Human Resources (HR) Certified Consultant with Bent Ericksen & Associates (BEA), Kathy will help you create and implement an Employee Manual and Handbook that is tailored to your business. She can provide web-based Employee Manuals that are fully customizable for your practice, including your state and federal specific required policies. Set clear expectations and avoid misunderstandings and unspoken rules for your staff.


Kathy is here to give you full support and customize your manual for your practice. She has extensive experience answering tough questions to guide you toward solutions, and works with you to prevent issues. While your situation you may find your practice in is unique, the problems you are facing are not. Kathy has heard story after story of alarming office scenarios. You are not alone!


BEA provides a suite of products:

  • Employee Manual
  • Employee Handbook
  • Job Descriptions
  • Personnel Forms
  • And more…

All are accessible in a new secure web-based format.

Are you compliant?

Take a few minutes and complete this Self-Assessment. If you did not score 100% correct, Call Kathy at (612) 518-2453.

Take the Self-Assessment

Drake P3 Assessments

Reviewing Drake P3 assessment results on laptop computer

Having the right people working in your dental practice is truly imperative, and Drake P3 Personality Assessments can provide enlightening information that helps you create the strongest, most effective team possible. A detailed report with each assessment helps you better recruit and hire, to reduce frustrating and expensive high turnover rates. This tool significantly increases the chances of finding long-term employees who work well individually and as a team. In fact, it can improve your hiring success rate to 75% when combined with the use of resumes, interviews, and references. In addition, the assessment can be used to identify different personality types in order to build a better team.

Call Kathy today to schedule this fun, interactive training session, or to successfully hire your new team member.

Learn More About the DrakeP3 Personality Assessment


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You surely want your employees to feel energized and always striving for new heights when engaged in their day-to-day work, and bonuses can be an excellent motivator in this scenario. BonusPro is a web-based program for setting up and managing an effective bonus and incentive plan in your practice. Geared for the dental profession, BonusPro is a proven management method for creating incentives, motivating employees and achieving greater financial success for everyone.

To learn more about BonusPro, click the link below, or call Kathy today!

Learn More About BonusPro

5 Languages of Appreciation
in the Workplace

Three dental team members laughing together

“Next to physical survival, the greatest need of a human being is psychological survival, is to be understood, to be affirmer, to be validated, to be appreciated.” Stephen Covey

People desperately want to feel appreciated and valued in their jobs. The value of Appreciation shows in Improved Relationships and Improved Job Satisfaction. Build a team that is motivated and happy.

Enjoy this fun, experiential 4 hour presentation for you and your team. You will learn each team member’s Appreciation Language. The 5 Languages are Tangible Gifts. Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service and Physical Touch.  Learn how to apply the techniques, improve staff morale, improve employee engagement and create a culture of appreciation.

The Motivating By Appreciation (MBA) Inventory is an assessment tool to accompany the book 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. The MBA Inventory assists managers and coworkers to be able to communicate to their colleagues in ways that are meaningful and which “hit the mark” for the person you want to encourage. The MBA Inventory assesses individuals’ preferences for how they are best encouraged and feel appreciated by others with whom they work.

The book 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organization by Encouraging People is written by Dr. Paul White and Dr. Gary Chapman.

Call Kathy 612-518-2453 (or email Kathy at to learn more about scheduling a day of Appreciation

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