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Practice Management Consulting Services

Turn Your Goals
into Reality

A dental office needs more than an excellent doctor to sustain growth and success in the long-term. A well-functioning and properly educated team is also essential, and Kathy and Paul Asted can provide the guidance and training you need to build that foundation. Asted Consulting Associates can help you define your short and long-term goals, build team relationships in rewarding ways, implement effective business practices, cultivate the expertise needed in medical emergencies, and much more. The future of your practice is at stake – are you ready to begin?

Consulting Services

Kathy and Paul at training event

Needless to say, running a successful dental practice requires a lot of different skills, many of which aren’t taught in dental school! In addition to all the necessary clinical knowledge, many doctors find themselves having to be marketing managers, human resource directors, insurance experts, and much more to keep their practice going. This can become overwhelming very quickly, and without the right knowledge, a dentist and team can become stressed, anxious, overworked, and then the patients stop showing up. Kathy and Paul’s goal is to help dental practices juggle all their needs and put proven systems into place so they can concentrate on what really matters—the patients!

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HR Services

Kathy and Paul and two other presenters at training session

The right team can make life so much easier for a dentist and play a big part in the long-term success of a practice, but unfortunately, the opposite is true as well. Finding, hiring, and training people can be tremendously expensive in both time and effort, and most dentists simply don’t have the resources to do it. Kathy can help you put together a team you can trust and rely on for many years to come, ensuring that your patients and business are always in good hands.

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CPR/Medical Emergencies

Infant CPR dummy for training

If a patient suddenly stops breathing, would your team know what to do? Are they able to notice the signs of an impending heart attack or stroke? Can they help a patient who is having a severe allergic reaction? As a former paramedic with decades of training experience, Paul is ready to empower your team to handle all types of medical emergencies quickly and effectively. This will not only make your practice safer, but it will also increase the confidence of your team, enabling them to provide even better care and service.

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Public and Event Speaking

Kathy presenting at dental consultation event

The world is changing faster than ever, and this includes dentistry! Kathy and Paul work diligently to stay on top of the latest trends in dentistry so they can share them with their clients and enable them to always benefit from the best practices. They have spoken at countless conferences and for several dental groups over the years, and their fun and informative talks have garnered a reputation for motivating people and giving them practical knowledge they’re able to use the next day.

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