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Practice Management Consultant Client Reviews

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Over the years, Asted Consulting Associates has helped innumerable practices, dentists, and team members succeed in ways they never even imagined, and their stories are always inspiring for those who may just be starting their dental career or are currently struggling. Below, you’ll find just a few examples of the countless satisfied clients we have been proud to serve, and we believe they’ll tell you everything you need to know before contacting us!

Kathy Asted supported Dental Kidds with a wide range of practice knowledge.

Her skills span not just in support of the administrative side of a dental practice, but she comes to the table with a strong clinical understanding and a deep appreciation for the unique balance between those two.

In addition, she has a business acumen and can apply data to business decisions. She truly is a one-woman force in managing and supporting an office.

Darcy Rindelaub, DDS, MS

I have been working with Kathy since 2007. Kathy’s knowledge and expertise has been proven most valuable over the years.

From creating and maintaining a custom Employee manual in compliance with the specific State laws, to hiring competent staff that fit in with the practice culture and delivering personality analysis in a fun, constructive way, Kathy’s competent guidance provides great support and helps reduce the stress in running a practice.

Kathy fully understands the dynamics of running any dental practice whether it is single doctor or multi-doctor one with a handful of staff or a large number of staff. I highly recommend Asted Consulting

Venetia Laganis, DDS, MS

Kathy has been a great resource when it comes to human resources and development of our office manual.

Keeping an office manual up to date isn’t always at the top of our list. She makes sure we keep it updated. She is quick to respond to questions that we have.

Kathy has been an asset as a recruiter. She did an excellent job of screening applicants for job searches and providing quality candidates.

Cathy H

Dalseth Family & Cosmetic Dental

I began working with Kathy when we were informed our employee manual needed to be updated. With her knowledge and insight, she was able to guide me through this process to help us understand all the new changes.

his was why I requested she speak at our local AADOM chapter meeting. Our chapter meeting was fantastic. Her knowledge of HR allowed many of our members to get clarification on several issues and we were updated on many new changes.

We were also given strategies to help us in the future. We would highly recommend having Kathy as a speaking at any event in the future

Jason Dudley

Practice Manager

Pediatric & Adolescent Dentistry, Ltd.

I very much enjoyed working with Kathy to help us with our hiring needs. She really listened to our desires and needs and took that information to be thorough in her search.

She did most of the work taking the stress of hiring off my shoulders. We were able to fill the position in a very short time and I could not be more pleased.

Summer Morrison L.D.A.

Metropolitan Periodontists, P.A.

Dear Kathy,

What a pleasure it has been working with you. I contacted you last year in desperation, fearing a failing economy and diminished practice growth. At that time, we were prepared to begin making staff layoffs.

In a memo to me, you said, "We are not going to participate in the recession, and we are going to outperform the competition."

After hiring you and implementing the changes you recommended, I'm happy to report that we are on pace to have our best year ever!

Thank you for your coaching and advice. You have made a terrific contribution to the growth of our practice.


Thomas J. Meschke, DDS

Chaska Dental Center, P.A.
Chaska, MN

It seems like the demands placed upon our time to effectively run a dental office is getting squeezed more and more. The regulations and the laws continue to put us at risk as small business owners when dealing with human resource issues especially.

Kathy Asted's implementation of the Bent Ericksen & Associates policy manual was extremely efficient and effective. She customized the policy manual to meet our needs with minimal headaches and downtime. I feel secure in knowing that from a legal standpoint, our office is up to date at the time of implementation as well as with any changes in employment laws that are provided with the annual support agreement.

The IPM personality profiling that Kathy Asted did for our office allowed doctors and staff to better understand the differences in personality types. We use this daily in our communication with each other, as well as when identifying the communication styles of our clients.

Our office has used Asted Consulting Associates for our Biannual CPR review and certification. Paul's Background as an EMT is invaluable in keeping this course interesting due to his real life experiences and training. In fact, we hired Paul to do a full review of all the typical medical emergencies possibly encountered in a dental office. This was done over the course of 10 months and is intended now to be an ongoing review for doctors and staff. Setting up the correct systems and protocols for potential emergencies is a daunting task, but Paul helped to make it simple and manageable. We are currently purchasing a Zoll AED upon Paul's recommendation as well.

I strongly endorse Asted Consulting Associates for these various concerns.

Coey J. Husu, DDS
Neal U. Benjamin, DDS, FACD, FAGD

Circle Pines Dental

It has truly been a pleasure working with Kathy of Asted Consulting Associates. She has worked diligently to ensure that our practice manual is customized to the specific needs of our office. Not only is Kathy a kind and intelligent individual, but she has also proven to be very resourceful in answering our many questions. We greatly appreciate her work ethic, as well as the many skills she demonstrates in her profession. Our experience has been very rewarding and beneficial to everyone in our office.

Thomas H Inglis, DDS
Jessica M Knorr, DDS
Inglis Orthodontics, PLCC

Thank you again for your help in implementing our human resource management program. As it turns out, by not just "sitting on it", but actually using the program and not just "sitting on it," I saved over $9,000 in the first year.

We had an employee who had been with us a while and who needed to be let go. Following the Bent Ericksen program and using the appropriate forms, we documented her last months with us before terminating her employment.

A short time later, I received the expected letter from the state Department of Employment, saying my future unemployment taxes would need to cover $9,125.00 of unemployment benefits. These letters tend to assume former employees are justified in their claims. There is a note that you can "raise an issue" if you wish.

I faxed the state 13 pages of documentation, including the employee's Acknowledgement Form for the Personnel Policy Manual, pertinent pages from the Policy Manual, an Employee Counseling Memo, the Termination of Employment letter, and some notes. To my surprise, within a week, I received the state's Determination of Ineligibility and Determination of Disqualification letters for the former employee. The state's written findings were so conclusive, she never bothered to appeal.

Without implementing the management program and, most importantly, the proper documentation, I would be paying for a former employee's six month vacation. Thanks again.


Don R. Blakeslee, DDS

Blakeslee Dental
Blaine MN

To Whom It May Concern:

We had the privilege of first working with Kathy through her affiliation with Bent Ericksen & Associates. Our office had invested in their human resource and compliance product and we were lucky enough to work closely with Kathy on the development and implementation of our new policy manual. Kathy was extremely knowledgeable in helping us make difficult policy decisions, as well as with introducing this new product to our employees. With her help, it was a seamless transition.

We also worked with Kathy on a team building project using personality profiling. Kathy put together a wonderful meeting aimed at helping our team members relate better to one another and recognizing each of our strengths and understanding our differences. Kathy personalized every aspect of this meeting and made the subject matter fun and easy to follow.

We wouldn't hesitate to work with Kathy again on future projects. Her top-notch professionalism and expertise in the dental field is something that would benefit every dental office.


Scott B. Peters, DDS, MS

As you are aware, we previously had the opportunity to hear Tim speak at a national meeting. Since then, we began using the Bent Ericksen system in our office, and we have been so impressed that we were very excited about the opportunity to have Tim present in our area. We decided to host an event for our referring dentists and their office managers to get everyone up-to-date with current employment law practices. The meeting was a success! Tim is a very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and interactive speaker.

We wanted to formally give you guys a big "thank you" for your assistance with our Employment Law continuing education seminar. We really appreciated how simple you made the whole process for us. We are pleased to have provided our referring dentists with valuable information to help protect and safeguard themselves and their offices. We have had several comments from attendees about how informative the presentation was.

Thank you once again! We look forward to working with you in the future.


Keith R, Erickson, DDS
John C. Aamodt, DDS, MS

Erickson - Aamodt Orthodontics, PA

Dear Kathy and Tim (Twigg),

I wanted to take a moment to thank both of you for the assistance you provided us in the highly successful Employment Law Continuing Education seminar. We hosted this event for our referring dentists and were pleased with how well-attended it was. It was a huge success!

Bent Ericksen provided us with a great tool to say ‘thank you' to our referring doctors while giving them good, sound information to help protect and safeguard themselves and their practices.

All of the doctors that attended found the content of the seminar pertinent, informative, and nothing short of ‘eye opening.' We received several calls and many notes of thanks for hosting such an informative event. Most of the doctors in attendance saw the opportunity to invest in their practices and took advantage of the fantastic opportunity that was presented to them.

We appreciated how simple and easy you both made this whole process for us. We were able to give a valuable gift to our referring doctors without spending time away from patient care.

We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Best Regards,

Scott Peters, DDS, MS

Southern Minnesota Endodontics
Mankato, MN

I thought you did a fantastic job of conducting the meeting on the office manual. That's the most respectful I've seen the ladies ever. Way to go!


Coon Rapids, MN

Working with Kathy (Asted) has been fantastic! Her vast knowledge of dental offices and how they operate helped guide us in many of our decisions during our transition to the Bent Ericksen Program. She makes herself available and has been a great resource for me.

Mindy Otto
Office Manager

Southern Minnesota Endodontics
Mankato, MN