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CPR/Medical Emergency Training

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This is a True Story:

A new (and very anxious) patient arrives at the dental office to see the hygienist and requests nitrous oxide for the cleaning appointment. At some point during the cleaning, the patient becomes unresponsive. At the hygienists’ emergency call, two doctors came immediately and were unable to find a pulse. The patient became quite cyanotic and although occasionally gasping, his breathing was poor at best. What would you have done in your office?

In this case, a third doctor called 911 and the AED was applied to the patient’s chest. The unit advised “NO SHOCK” and they performed one minute of CPR. The police and paramedics arrived (in less than five minutes from the original collapse) and the patient recovered completely. In fact, he returned to set up an appointment to complete his cleaning.

We taught! They learned! It worked!

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Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training is a skill that has value in professional, home, and recreational settings. Recent changes in CPR and the increase in public access to Automated External Defibrillators mean that paramedics and other health care professionals see patients with a significantly higher chance of recovery. Additionally, the professionals also have new techniques and equipment, which further increase the survival chances of cardiac arrest victims.

Many professional organizations require certification in CPR. These include medical staff, dental staff, and, in some cases, electric linemen. For these individuals, it is important to provide training that is not only of a high professional quality, but also maintains a low-stress and stimulating manner. These professionals often take this training every two years (or more often) for their whole career and will become bored and jaded easily in the standard classroom lecture format often used by instructors.

Meet Your Trainer,
Paul Asted

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Asted Consulting Associates offers CPR and Automated External Defibrillation (AED) Certification, as well as First Aid classes to small businesses in a fun and relaxing manner. Paul Asted has been an Emergency Medical Technician and a teacher of American Heart Association CPR for over 30 years. Paul constantly monitors changes in CPR standards, uses videos, and gives real-life experiences during training. Often using the facilities within the business, and incorporating films and team practice, Paul works to create a more interesting and less stressful teaching environment.

Medical Emergency Seminars for Dental Staff

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Is your office prepared for a medical emergency? If a patient has a heart attack in your office, do you know what you and your staff should do? Who will call 911 and what do they say? In this seminar, Paul will train you to recognize the signs and symptoms and treat the most common medical emergencies you can expect in your office. Some of the emergencies, but not all, are:

  • syncope
  • breathing difficulties
  • diabetes
  • allergic reactions
  • cardiac arrest

Learn what to do in each scenario efficiently and effectively within your office setting and be ready for an emergency that might happen to you and your staff.


Call Paul Asted at (612) 270-4470 to set up your next class.

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